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"Miniature punch needle" is an old craft, which mimics the appearance of hooked rugs--but in miniature doll house size! The design is punched from the back using a specialized punch needle tool, creating a series of tiny loops on the front surface. Using my HAND DYED WOOL YARNS makes all the difference in antique appearance and quality.

Because the stitches are so tiny, Miniature Punch Needle work is often referred to as embroidery, rather than rug hooking, although it was an outgrowth of the traditional rug hooking craft. Using the punch needle tool is fun and easy, and moves very quickly, making it easy to finish a project in several hours.

J. Conner Designs Miniature Punch Needle Kits contain:

  • Instructions and Advice
  • Miniature punch needle pattern printed on Weaver's Cloth from a hand drawn original.
  • Little skeins of my HAND DYED 100% WOOL super-thin punch needle yarns in beautiful soft colors to complete your design.

Additional Tools:

YOU WILL NEED a non-slip 7" embroidery hoop and a Miniature Punch Needle with threader and directions, plus your own embroidery scissors.

I stock the following items, please order whatever you need, along with your choice of kits.

  1. MORGAN brand hoops give me the best, tightest hold. These are available from me in two sizes:

    • 7" Locking Hoop $13 (plus $2 mail order)
    • 5" and 10" Combination Lap Stand $40 (plus $5) - this is a clever, collapsible, self supporting unit with both 5" and 10" hoops.

  2. I have had best results with the CAMEO brand punch needle tool. I use the extra small size needle on the #1 slot setting. This needle comes with complete directions and two needle threaders, and I find it is the perfect size for using my hand dyed wool threads.
    • Cameo Punch Needle size small $16 (plus$3 mail order)

How to Create a Punch Needle Hooked Rug
1. Place the pre-printed fabric pattern in the non-slip hoop. It needs to be very taut. Making a Miniature Punch Needle Rug - 1
2. Punch needle hooking is done from the BACK surface of the project, so the pattern is printed on the back of the fabric foundation. The looped pile accumulates underneath the hoop, on what will be the front. Making a Miniature Punch Needle Rug - 2
3. I like to move the needle toward me, leading with the concave side of the point. As in regular rug hooking, you will do DETAILS first, then outlines, then fill in each space. Background is always filled last. Making a Miniature Punch Needle Rug - 3
4. Finished projects may be framed, made into tiny pins and pendants, appliquéd into a penny rug or wool appliqué frame, or be installed in an antique reproduction doll house!! Enjoy! Making a Miniature Punch Needle Rug - 4

Kits for Sale: (Each is $25, plus $5 shipping and handling.....) Order Form

1. Newfoundland Antique Lion

A beautiful design inspired by a rare antique hooked rug, this whimsical lion in rich old colors makes a unique project.

3.5" x 5.75" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Newfoundland Lion

2. Folk Art Flower Basket

This design captures the antique spirit of early hooked rugs and folk art primitives.

3.5" x 5.75" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Folk Art Basket

3. Rose Border Sheep

You will recognize this popular design from my Hooked Rug pattern collection. It is very similar, but TINY!

3" x 4.25" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Rose Border Sheep

4. Karen's Roosters

This was inspired by one of my hooked rugs, and beautifully punched by my friend Karen Tompson!

3" x 5.25" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Roosters

5. Home Sweet Home

Another of my classic designs, this one was punch-hooked by my friend Kelly Labbe. She said it was fast and easy!

3" x 5.25" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Home Sweet Home

6. Shepherd Santa

A quick little punch needle project that can be finished as a box cover, a Christmas tree ornament, greeting card, or center for a Penny Rug border.

3" x 3.75" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Shepard Santa

7. Victorian Heart

Muted coral, violet and green look sweet on an ecru ground in this round design. It would make a nice top for a wood or papier mache craft box, or it could be mounted in a special Valentine's card.

4.5" circle

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Victorian Heart

8. Cat Couple

Inspired by one of the hooked rugs in my collection, this pair of cat's could be punch-hooked in your choice of "fur" colors. What a great doll house rug!

5.5" x 3" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Cat Couple

9. Shepherd Angel

This design is the same size as the Shepherd Santa and the Shepherd Snowman, so they could be framed or mounted as a series. This angel is a red head!

3.75" x 3" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Shepard Angel

10. Shepherd Snowman

My Shepherd Snowman is the third in the little Holiday series. I made attractive Penny Rug borders for each of them, and you can email me for the pattern!

3" x 3.75" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Shepard Snowman

11. Maine Chickadee

This 3"x3.5" image of a plump winter bird was designed by my talented daughter, Rachael Conner Hamadto. She cleverly used the higher loop setting (slot #2 on the Cameo needle) to add a three dimensional effect to the border pine cones and holly berries. Waldoboro style punch needle hooking!

3.5 x 4.5" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Maine Chickadee

12. Springtime Bunny

This plump baby bunny is surrounded by delicate spring flowers, all in soft pastels. The finished size is 3"x3.5", perfect for a very special card or frame. Designed and hooked by my daughter, Rachael Conner Hamadto.

3.5 x 4.5" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Springtime Bunny

13. Autumn Sunflower and Pumpkins

This warm design by Janet Conner was hooked by Rachael Conner Hamadto in beautiful fall colors, with randomly spaced repeats in the traditional "hit or miss" border.

2.75" x 5" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Autumn Sunflower

14. Summer Sandpiper

Beautiful hand dyed wool threads in soft summer colors highlight this "beachy" pattern. Designed and punch hooked by Rachael Conner Hamadto.

4" x 5.5" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Summer Sandpiper

15. Bee Hive

When my daughter Rachael punched this design, she used the no. 2 and 3 settings on the Cameo Punch Needle to create the contours of the bee hive ridges. This cute little design was inspired by her cute little Grandmother, Nana Bea--who collects bee images.

3" x 3" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Bee Hive

16. Christmas Dove

This quick and easy miniature punch design may be finished as an ornament, card or special gift tag.

Approx. 3" x 3" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Christmas Dove

17. Nantucket Anchor

3x4" oval, with optional penny rug border frame design sheet ($3)

A beautiful image of the symbols of 19th century seamanship: an anchor, whales, and harpoons representing our Nantucket family heritage. Designed and punched by Rachael Conner Hamadto. Very suitable for mounting on a wooden oval Shaker style craft box.

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Nantucket Anchor

18. Light House Scene

This 3.75x5" oval would make a great Shaker box cover, or order the penny rug frame pattern($3).

The scene is similar to my full size seascape rugs. Designed by Janet Conner, Hooked by Rachael Conner Hamadto.

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Lighthouse Scene

19. Linda's Scottie Dog

Originally designed for one of my favorite students, this piece features a little Scottie on a plaid background. Hooked by Rachael Conner Hamadto, it can easily be customized to be black, gray, or even West Highland white!

Approx. 2.5" x 3.5" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Scottie Dog

20. Fox and Grapes

This lively fox was designed by my daughter and punched with beautiful variegated hand dyed wools.

Approx. 2.5" x 3.5" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Fox and Grapes

21. Nantucket Whale

This 3.75" square in simple, traditional colors would make a beautiful gift for a sailor--or any man! --punched and glued to the top of a wooden craft box.

Approx. 3.75" x 3.75" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Nantucket Whale

22. Dragonfly

The simplicity of this graceful dragonfly is set off by the fun "hit or miss" border. Finished size 3.75" square.

Approx. 3.75" x 3.75" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Dragonfly

23. Bear

This bear was a "customer request" design--which would also look great as a Polar bear on pale blue gray ice-please specify YOUR choice!

Finished size 4.5" circle.

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Bear

24. Salt Glazed Crock

A simple country still life with hand dyed indigo wool thread, and soft colors.

Approx. 3.75" x 3.75" inches

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Salt Glazed Crock

25. Karen's Scottish Thistle

Designed by Janet Conner, and punched by Karen Fisher, this one is a miniature of the hooked chair pad from my rug hooking kits collection. Do you know why the thistle is the National Flower of Scotland? Ask me when you order!

Finished size 2.5" circle.

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Scottish Thistle

26. Antique Glove

This is a miniature of a design adapted from a Maine antique rug, similar to the Victorian calling cards which ladies exchanged.

Finished size 3.2”x5.5”

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Antique Glove

27. Pineapple

This 7" circle would look great mounted on a craft store round paper mache or wooden box.

Finished size 7" circle

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Pineapple

28. Night Owl

This sweet owl was designed by daughter Rachael Conner, as another bird joins our collection.

Finished size 3"x5"

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Night Owl

29. Sailboat

This dynamic sailboat was designed by daughter Rachael Conner. How about the lavishly embroidered penny rug frame! Frame Pattern and directions available with purchase of this kit.

Finished size 4" circle

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Sailboat

30. Campy Fish

In his little birch log mount, this fish is swimming through swirling water. 

Finished size 2.5"x 4.5" (sizes listed are always without frame)

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Campy Fish

31. Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Another bird for the collection! Miniature punch details are very sweet.

Finished size 3"x 4.5"

Miniature Punch Needle Rug - Hummingbird

More designs coming soon!
Check back often to see new kits as they are added.

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